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Kentours Housing Co-operative Society was registered on 19th August 2010. Our core mission is to mobilize savings to existing and potential members with a view of enabling them to own homes.

We at Kentours Housing believe that more Kenyans can own decent housing and therefore, we are committed to transform the industry through provision of unique models that make housing more affordable to our stakeholders. To this end we have continued to offer our members affordable and prime plots.

Recent Projects


Kentours Housing Board wish to notify all shareholders that there is a special offer for Read More


KAMULU The Key highlights are; Land is well drained Land is ideal for development with Read More

Phase 7 (Kamulu) OCT 2015 (Current)

5 acres subdivided into 37 plots Selling price Kshs. 550,000(Cash price) Land is ideal for Read More

Phase 6 (Kitengela) OCT-2015 (Current)

1 acre subdivided into 8 plots Land is 2 km from Kitengela-Namanga road Land is Read More

Phase 5 (Joska) year Nov-2014/2015

5.84 acres subdivided into 45 plots Introductory Selling price of Kshs 415,000 (Cash price) Land Read More

Phase 4 Kamulu year 2014

5.2 acres subdivided into 41 plots Selling price Kshs.470,000 and the market rate over Kshs. Read More

Phase 3 Kamulu year 2013

5 acres subdivided into 39 plots Land is ideal for immediate development with electricity on Read More

Phase 2 Kitengela year 2012-2013

4 acres subdivided into 31 plots Title deeds processed and issued to purchasers on 2nd Read More

Phase 1 Kitengela year 2011

4 acres subdivided into 29 plots 4km from Kajiado- Namanga road EA university and KAG Read More

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